How many websites do we have? Well, if you don’t know the answer, you’ll be tempted to Google it. In fact, 7/10 people would do the same thing; Google accounts for well over 70% of all desktop search traffic in the world. Add mobile search traffic to that, and you get 85%-90% of al... Read More

The brand concepts of accessible and convenient have greatly evolved over the years. At the turn of the century, it meant having a good website with decent customer support. And for those brands in the retail sector, it also meant ... Read More

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f you ever suspect your attention span is dwindling, you are not imagining it. In fact, the stats on dwindling attention are everywhere. Various new research has accurately proven that human beings today have the shortest attention spans there have ever been.   ... Read More

F Layout Your Website

01 July 2021

Website designers must first understand their visitors’ reading tendencies and then create appropriate visual hierarchies, allowing them to place their CTAs in the best locations and convert as many visitors as possible.  This trend is backed up by over a decade of extens... Read More

How Much Waste Does The Global Web Produce? As of 2020, roughly 54% of the planet population registered and ... Read More

Regardless of the sector you are in, the audience you create products and content for is likely to be highly diverse. This is undebatable. By the very nature of the internet, everything you put on your website can potentially be seen by millions, even billions. Each person is differ... Read More

Alright, to make it short for all impatient and crazy marketers out there, we've reviewed advancements in search engine optimisation and derived some pretty cool resolutions not long ago. If you are working on things like traffic management, link building and on-site link structure then ... Read More

The reality of life is that we judge every book by its cover and every business by its website. If you have been on the web development for as long as we have then you would have come across some terrible website designs that will have you thinking “how this possible?” In this topi... Read More

With a 39.7% increase in online transactions between January 2020 and 2021, it's clear companies have to increase their online presence to take advantage of this. Having a company website is one wa... Read More