Observations from the center stripe

IF WE are to believe former Grass Valley City Manager Dan Holler (go ahead if you want), he resigned because he’s not “the right fit” for the direction the city wants to go. Since the council’s only apparent direction is zig-zagging from one issue to another, Holler was clearly given the chance to resign or be fired. Of course, his lovely $81,000 parting gift makes it easier to say good-bye…PAID ATTENDANCE at the Nevada County Fair is down almost 20 percent in the last four years while the number of people taking advantage of free days has soared. Since many of the paid admissions are discounted anyway, why not let everybody in free and increase the vendor fees? More people, more money…WINDOWS 8, a solution for which there is no known problem, isn’t getting any respect at Sierra College. The Fall Community Education class schedule offers two courses in Windows 7, none in 8…WHO SAYS the politicians in Sacramento ignore the rural counties? The recently passed bill to raise the state’s minimum wage to at least $10 an hour by 2016 will mean a major pay increase for our many service workers, and more money to pump into the local economy…THE UNION newspaper is trying out a new slogan: “Fresh. Local.” Are we talking newspapers or farm-to-fork fruit and veggies?

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3 Responses to Observations from the center stripe

  1. gjrebane says:

    A hearty welcome to the local menagerie George Boardman.


  2. Juan Browne says:

    Hello, “testing 1,2,3….is this thing on?”

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