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The irresponsible gun owners of America

The 12-year-old Sparks, Nevada, boy who killed a teacher, wounded two other students, and then killed himself earlier this week used a 9mm semi-automatic Ruger he brought from home. That was followed by news that a 19-year-old baby sitter in Texas … Continue reading

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Transgender bathrooms? In elementary school?

Conservatives have been rightly criticized over the years for opposing government interference in our lives, except when it comes to who we can marry, how we conduct our lives, and even how we die. That sounds like hypocrisy to a … Continue reading

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Would you like something healthy with that?

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There are plenty of people on both sides of the American political divide who are trying to tell us how to run our lives. Most of the liberal finger wavers are in the government, while the conservative nannies are concentrated in churches and … Continue reading

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Bear River digs itself a hole

There are three possible explanations for Placer High’s upset win over Bear River last Friday in the Bruins’ last home game of the season: –The Bruins hadn’t recovered from a tough loss to arch-rival Colfax, a game they circle every … Continue reading

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A note to readers

Connoisseurs of fine cartooning have probably figured out by now that the new header at the top of this blog was created by the inimitable RL Crabb, part of a redesign of the blog. I would like to state for the record … Continue reading

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Observations from the center stripe: Investing edition

I WAS The Union’s business writer when Google went public at $85 a share in 2004, so I asked several local stockbrokers and financial advisers if people should buy or avoid the stock. It was unanimous: Too speculative. Google went … Continue reading

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