Observations from the center stripe: School daze edition

BRAVO TO the Pleasant Valley and Ready Springs Union elementary school districts if they are serious about consolidation. Hopefully, this will start a long overdue consolidation of school districts in the western county…ON THE other hand, the county Board of Education has decided to spend $300,000 to hire and fund the operations of a director of curriculum, instruction and accountability. Aren’t the school districts supposed to be doing that?…LOCATION, LOCATION: The promoters of the Cascade Crossing subdivision on Combie Road insist it’s in Grass Valley (15 miles north). That will come as a surprise to the neighbors with mailing addresses in Auburn (10 miles south)…PEOPLE WHO oppose immigration reform might want to add up the number of naturalized Americans who have won Nobel Prizes. Others’ brain drain is our gain…RESTAURANTS that add an “e” to “grill” are usually pretentious and overpriced...WHEN PEOPLE grumble about the administration at Lake of the Pines, I remind them it could be worse. They could live in Alta Sierra…IMAGE THAT: The Economic Resource Council got a resounding chorus of “no” when a bunch of heavy-hitters at a Grass Valley roundtable were asked if they are “solidly” behind the organization.

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