Sweeping up the debris in Washington

Senator Joe McCarthy?

Senator Joe McCarthy?

Senator Ted Cruz Evil spawn of...

Senator Ted Cruz
Evil spawn of…

Now that the Democrats have prevailed in the domestic version of the Mi Lai Massacre, it’s time for President Obama to show some real leadership in containing spending and reducing the national debt.

He should tell his colleagues in Congress–forcefully, if necessary–that spending limits are here to stay and that we need to make some hard decisions about how we’re going to spend scarce tax dollars. We cannot maintain funding at a level that requires the government to borrow 20 percent of what it spends.

The national debt has increased over 300 percent to almost $17 trillion since 1993. We have long passed the point where we need to reverse that trend. (You have to wonder why Japan and China continue to loan so much money to such a profligate country.)

Spending cuts should be accompanied by reform of our irrational tax system. Ideally, every tax break and subsidy would be eliminated, but that’s not going to happen in the real world. But we can limit tax breaks to those that spur economic growth.

The Teahadists who formed the Kamikaze Caucus in the House failed in their attempt to sink the USS ObamaCare, but they’ll probably be hailed as noble warriors by the people who sent them to Washington.

Three Republicans who deserve better than the flack they’ll be catching from conservatives include:

  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who accepted the role of responsible adult and forged a deal with the Democrats. His Tea Party opponent in the primary is probably already calling him “Senator Sellout” or “Senator Surrender.”
  • Rep. Paul Ryan, who actually put forth a sensible strategy for negotiating with the Democrats. Naturally, that was rejected by House Republicans.
  • Rep. Devin Nunes of California, who heaped scorn on the defunding effort from the start. When the plan collapsed Tuesday, he said: “The Star Wars Convention ends today.”
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1 Response to Sweeping up the debris in Washington

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    The die is cast. In exchange for a temporary end to the deficit battle, Obama has agreed to put SS and Medicare on the table. It’s a sellout which will be hailed as “The Grand Bargain”, in which we will pay the same amount, but smaller checks will be issued. Sounds good, until you consider that SS is money the WE put in from our weekly paychecks, the Congress has spent, and now WE will once again be forced to take cuts to our own savings.

    Think of a bank that puts your money into a savings account, spends it, then tells you that it’s gone and you need to put more in to get anything out! It’s BS!!

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