Observations from the center stripe: Investing edition

I WAS The Union’s business writer when Google went public at $85 a share in 2004, so I asked several local stockbrokers and financial advisers if people should buy or avoid the stock. It was unanimous: Too speculative. Google went over $1,000 a share last week…I ALWAYS think of another “M” word when I see an ad for a violent computer game that’s “rated ‘M’ for mature”...INCONCERT SIERRA scored a major coup when it signed pianist Emanuel Ax for a performance in January. If he married soprano Kathleen Battle, would she then be known as Kathleen Battle-Ax?…IT SEEMS there’s a story in The Union every week about another motorcycle rider having a serious accident. Those stories are likely to increase now that “stunting” is trendy in California…ASSEMBLYMAN Brian Dahle made it clear he opposes ObamaCare, but went to bat for rural hospitals when the state tried to cut MediCal reimbursement for hospital-based skilled nursing facilities. Apparently welfare’s okay but self-sufficiency isn’t…NOW EMBATTLED Alta Sierra has been dismissed as a “glorified suburb” by the architect for Rincon del Rio, another good example of rural sprawl.

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