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A logging bill everybody can support (maybe)

Some people around here are so bitter about the demise of the timber industry, the spotted owl wouldn’t be an endangered species in their precincts–it would be an extinct species. But Rep. Tom McClintock has proposed legislation that should bring … Continue reading

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Fusshoeller’s a victim of immigration politics

You would think YubaNet founder Pascale Fusshoeller was a threat to national security, the way she was snatched up by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and dispatched to the¬†netherworld of deportation. The reality is that she’s a victim of the … Continue reading

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Bruins still have a lot to play for despite loss

Bear River lost a tough league opener to arch-rival Colfax last week, but the¬† Bruins still have a lot to play for as they enter the second week of Pioneer Valley League competition tonight. With a 5-1 record, the Bruins … Continue reading

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Sweeping up the debris in Washington

Now that the Democrats have prevailed in the domestic version of the Mi Lai Massacre, it’s time for President Obama to show some real leadership in containing spending and reducing the national debt. He should tell his colleagues in Congress–forcefully, … Continue reading

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Observations from the center stripe: School daze edition

BRAVO TO the Pleasant Valley and Ready Springs Union elementary school districts if they are serious about consolidation. Hopefully, this will start a long overdue consolidation of school districts in the western county…ON THE other hand, the county Board of … Continue reading

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This is why we have gridlock in Washington

A small group of Teahadists, including our very own Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock, have managed to seize control of the House Republican caucus and bring the government to a halt. But like the dog that finally succeeds in catching … Continue reading

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