Observations from the center stripe: Sportin’ life edition

IN CASE you haven’t noticed, the NBA is back in action. The Warriors will do well if Andrew Bogut  and Steph Curry stay healthy, and the Kings will improve if DeMarcus Cousins starts acting like an adult…THAT’S AN impressive feat for the Cal football program, finishing last in graduation rate among all 125 schools in Division 1-A. After all, they had to beat out  every school in the SEC for the “honor”…OREGON’S GAME at Stanford Nov. 7 is practically a home game for the Ducks–46 of their players are from California…I DON’T pay much attention to soccer, but there seem to be a lot of teams named “Fly Emirates”…IF THE Giants can spend $35 million on a pitcher with a 20-29 record and 4.77 ERA in the last two years  (that would be you, Tim Lincecum), they can afford to sign a power hitter...GREEN BAY quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the pride of Chico, is no dummy. Now that he can afford it, he lives in La Jolla…THEN THERE’S Boston Red Sox All-Star second baseman Dustin Pedroia, a native of Woodland. He told Boston magazine his hometown’s a “dump. You can quote me on that. I don’t give a s–t.”…BEST PLAYER name (college football category): Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, a defensive back at Alabama.

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