For Bear River and NU, it’s wait till next year

For the first time in a long time, neither Nevada Union nor Bear River will be playing post-season football after tonight’s games. What that portends for the future is subject to much speculation.

bruinsIf the Bruins can close out the season tonight with a win at Foothill (they figure to be 25 points better), Bear River will finish the year with a 6-4 record, not out of line with its performance in recent years.

What’s disturbing is the Bruins’ performance in Pioneer Valley League play: 1-4 (assuming a win at Foothill) after going 5-0 in non-league play. BR needs to step up its game to be competitive in the PVL. One way to do that is to play a more demanding non-league schedule.

minersNevada Union’s disastrous season is (hopefully) the bottoming out of a trend that started when the Miners joined the Sierra Foothill League four years ago. During that period, they’ve compiled a record of 16-25, a meager 39 percent winning rate. Hardly the mark of a school that likes to think of itself as a football powerhouse.

The trend figures to continue tonight with the Miners a 43.5-point underdog at Granite Bay.

In other SFL games:
–Rocklin over Del Oro by 15.5 points;
–Roseville over Woodcreek by 8.5 points.

Team power ratings entering tonight’s games:

                        SIERRA FOOTHILL LEAGUE

Teams             Base Rating      Opponents       Power Rating
Rocklin                  119.6                +5.2                     124.8
Granite Bay          107.0               +6.4                      113.4
Del Oro                 107.9                +4.5                      112.4
Roseville                 95.6               +9.0                     104.6
Woodcreek             87.8               +5.2                       93.0
Nevada Union       62.8               +9.9                       72.7

In other PVL games:
–Center over Placer by 15.5 points;
–Colfax over Lincoln by 2 points.

Team power ratings entering tonight’s games:

                            PIONEER VALLEY LEAGUE

Teams             Base Rating      Opponents      Power Rating
Center                   116.3                 +9.8                   126.1
Placer                   107.8                  +5.8                  113.6
Lincoln                122.0                   -9.3                   112.7
Colfax                   113.7                   -2.0                   111.7
Bear River            99.2                  +3.3                  102.5
Foothill                 67.7                   +6.8                   74.5

REPORT CARD: I swept the board last week, going 5-0 in the games I picked. I figured Placer vs. Colfax was a toss-up, but the Hillmen had no trouble winning the game. That creates an interesting situation tonight: Center figures to be 15.5 points better than Placer, but the Hillmen definitely have the momentum. The last game of the season is always a treacherous one, because some teams are motivated to play hard while others are just finishing the season or resting up for the playoffs. We’ll see if the numbers can overcome the human element tonight.
Last week: 5-0; Season: 18-4.

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