Oberservations from the center stripe: Pre-holiday edition

IF YOU have nothing better to do Thanksgiving Day, Grass Valley’s two “big box” stores–Kmart and J.C. Penney–will be open for business. If you’re open Thanksgiving and you’re not a restaurant, grocery store or gas station, you won’t get any of my Christmas business…BEST BUY also ran the first Christmas ad I saw on TV (Nov. 2). They’re not getting any of my business either…ONCE AGAIN, the Amgen race bypasses Nevada City. Why didn’t those city officials who were taking bows when the race started there do more to keep the race coming back?…ON THE other hand, bike racing is about the dirtiest sport out there. Not exactly a good example for the kids…THE EYEWITNESS/action/ news team/gang from CBS 13 in Sacramento was in Nevada City earlier this week to do a story on “Trimigrants.” Supervisor Nate Beason expressed concern that being associated with marijuana could make this area less attractive to “high tech startups.” Don’t worry, Nate. We don’t have the infrastructure to attract high tech startups…THE UNION’s analysis of the economic impact of marijuana was on the shallow side. How about the money growers spend on supplies and equipment, the people employed year ’round, and the money growers spend after they sell the crop? That pumps a lot more money into the local economy that harvest workers…I’VE ALWAYS been curious about how police put a street or wholesale value on the drugs they seize. Do they monitor the market closely, or are they just guessing?

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