Observations from the center stripe: Micro managing edition

MICRO MANAGERS: The Economic Resource Council plans to take a close look at who should be authorized to sign checks. And to think these people get taxpayer money to run their operation…DIRECTOR STEPHEN De Sena comes across as somebody who could get that place straightened out, but he’s probably too smart to take the job…REP. TOM McClintock’s bill to speed logging of trees burned in the Rim Fire near Yosemite has been voted out of committee and now awaits a House vote…HILLARY CLINTON hasn’t even announced her candidacy yet, but Republican strategists are already trying to tag her as the “Mother of ObamaCare”…ABOUT TIME: The EPA announced last week it will reduce by 16 percent the amount of ethanol that has to be blended into gasoline.  Any biofuel that reduces the food supply isn’t worth it…THE PEOPLE who want to repeal the new state law regarding transgender youth say they have enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. If they do, the battle could be even more contentious than the fight over Proposition 8.

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