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Here’s an example of why people don’t trust public officials

The totalitarian society described by George Orwell in his novel “1984” indoctrinated all citizens of the fictional Oceania to believe nonsense statements like the mantra, “War is peace, Slavery is freedom, Ignorance is strength.” Here’s another nonsense statement, this one … Continue reading

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The Union feels the need to state what should be obvious

The Union has decided it has to state in writing what is obvious to informed and thoughtful readers: All of the opinions expressed on the Ideas and Opinions page aren’t necessarily those of the paper. If you look under the … Continue reading

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Organic? Eat a Big Mac and pocket the change

As anybody who’s shopped at Whole Paycheck…I mean Whole Foods knows, eating righteously is an expensive proposition. You would think organic fruits and vegetables would be cheaper than their industrialized competitors because they haven’t been treated with expensive herbicides, insecticides, … Continue reading

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Nostalgic about the ‘Stick? I don’t think so

Proving once again that human beings have selective memories, people are actually getting nostalgic about the imminent demise of Candlestick Park in San Francisco. How quickly they forget. The 49ers played their last regular season game in the ‘Stick last Monday, and … Continue reading

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Observations from the center stripe: New parents edition

‘TIS THE SEASON: The British Medical Journal reports that of 5,340 women in a long-term study who reported being pregnant, 45 claimed to be pregnant without ever admitting they had sex…WHY DO couples obsess over the name of a new … Continue reading

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The county office–and schools–should be consolidated

County Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermansen told The Union a couple of years ago that the superintendents of Nevada County’s school districts weren’t clambering for consolidation. Well, duh! That’s not the most clueless comment I’ve heard from a public official since moving to … Continue reading

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