Observations from the center stripe: Civics quiz edition

REP. TOM McClintock was one of two California Republicans who voted against the budget compromise in the House (no surprise there), but they were joined by seven California Democrats–all women… IF OUR phone number is unique, why does AT&T add four digits to the end of it to create our account number?…TOO MANY drivers treat their turn signals like Christmas tree lights: They turn them on once a year…I’M SURPRISED by the number of life-long residents of this area who get flustered when it snows. Old-timers tell me the snow used to be a lot worse…THAT’LL WORK: In an effort to bring more civility to online commentary, the Sacramento Bee wants people to use their real names and provide a link to a social media outlet like Twitter. The announcement was followed by a report that millions of fake accounts are dogging Twitter…THE MEN pictured in “Who are these guys anyway?” are (clockwise  from the upper left) state Sen. Jim Nielsen (4th District), Assemblyman Brian Dahle (1st), Rep. Tom McClintock (4th), and Rep. Doug LaMalfa (1st). The missing man is state Senator Ted Gaines (1st), who isn’t up for reelection next year but is a candidate for state Insurance Commissioner.

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1 Response to Observations from the center stripe: Civics quiz edition

  1. RL Crabb says:

    Yes, the snow used to be heavier, but our legs were much lighter.

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