O (there goes the) Christmas tree!

cat in treeI always associate Christmas with cats, mainly because our daughter’s pet of 19 years, Fluffy, regularly jumped onto the tree.  She never did much damage, but she did annoy my wife, who spent a lot of time making sure the ornaments went in the proper place on the tree.

As is usually the case, Rosemary grew up, went to college, and left home while we were stuck with the cat. Fluffy died about two years after we moved to Lake of the Pines, a victim of old age more than anything else. We weren’t exactly buddy-buddies, but I sort of miss the old fluff ball at this time of the year.

We’ll definitely miss Rosemary at Christmas. She’s on a two-year assignment in Beijing, and because she’ll be in the states in late January and likes to visit new places, she decided to spend her holiday in Myanmar (Burma to you old-timers) and Thailand.

She arrived in Yangon, Myanmar’s capital, to discover they have an outbreak of malaria and dengue fever. After two days of that, she decided to extend her stay in Thailand, where there are massive demonstrations against the government. With any luck, she’ll be back in China before a civil war breaks out or a coup takes place.

We’ll be spending the holidays with most of our relatives in Nevada City and the Bay Area. If your Christmas gets a little hectic and you’re looking for a break, you might enjoy this classic Stan Freberg recording (remember records?):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSPGJ5-XAcM

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