Observations from the center stripe: Group of Death edition

COACHES ARE famous for downplaying the prospects of their teams, but it’s tough to top soccer. If you believe the World Cup coaches, every team is stuck in a “Group of Death”…THE MLS championship game draws the TV ratings the NFL gets from guys who fall asleep while watching a game…IT’S HARD to take a sport seriously that’s run by a guy named Sepp Blatter…GIVEN THE conservative nature of the coaches at Michigan St. and Stanford, the Rose Bowl shapes up as a real snoozer…THE WAY some announcers tell it, you would think football players are puppets manipulated by the offensive and defensive coordinators…I CHUCKLE every time Matt Millen discusses the pro prospects of a college football player on ESPN. He proved during his disastrous tenure as general manager of the Detroit Lions that he’s a poor judge of talent…TONY LA RUSSA, probably the most detail-oriented manager ever, claims he never knew about the  illegal use of drugs by his players in Oakland and St Louis. Apparently the Hall of Fame voters believe him…DALLAS COWBOYS owner Jerry Jones thinks he’s the next Al Davis. Unfortunately for Cowboys fans, it’s the Davis of the last 10 years, not the first 30 in football.

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