Well, LaMalfa got this one sort of right

This blog has been critical of Rep. Doug LaMalfa for his support of farm subsidies that benefit him directly, and for his support of big cuts in food stamps that would hurt many of his constituents.

But we’re a big believer in giving credit where it is due, so we’re here to acknowledge the way LaMalfa handled a survey on ObamaCare that recently landed in our mailbox. Unlike most surveys of this type, it’s presented in a straight-forward way to elicit an honest opinion.

With one exception, the five questions are not loaded with the usual rhetoric designed to elicit the preferred answer. (You know the type: “Do you approve or disapprove of convicted child molesters teaching in our schools?”)

LaMalfa makes it clear in accompanying commentary that he’s no fan of the Affordable Care Act, and it’s unlikely he’ll change his position if his constituents support ObamaCare.

That raises another question: Why did he waste taxpayer money to find out what his constituents think when it won’t change his position?

SOMETHING ELSE: Somebody should tell Rep. Tom McClintock’s robo-call guru that Lake of the Pines is no longer in his district, and that Tom’s wasting money directing automated calls our way.

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