Observations from the center stripe: New parents edition

‘TIS THE SEASON: The British Medical Journal reports that of 5,340 women in a long-term study who reported being pregnant, 45 claimed to be pregnant without ever admitting they had sex…WHY DO couples obsess over the name of a new child, then give it a nickname as soon as it’s born?…AND WHY do so many parents–particularly Southerners–give their children names that make them sound like a law firm (i.e., Campbell Brown)? What ever happened to Jim, Bob or, for that matter, Georgia?…ELEVEN OF 12 Republican senators up for reelection next year voted against the budget compromise. The exception was Sen. Susan Collins of Maine…JUST ABOUT the time banks and retailers convince you that your personal information is safe with them, an outfit like Target admits that 40 million of its credit card and debit accounts were compromised…THE RECENT dust-up over the proper wearing of leggings at Nevada Union High prompted two observations: First, the high school district has a dress code, something that isn’t obvious to a casual observer of teenagers who attend Bear River High. Second, why did The Union assign two of its three reporters to this story?

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