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The following is for amusement purposes only

Are you sick of the endless analysis of the national championship game between Auburn and Florida St.? There’s one thing you can be sure of: It will get worse between now and the kickoff on Jan. 6. The media love to beat … Continue reading

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Well, LaMalfa got this one sort of right

This blog has been critical of Rep. Doug LaMalfa for his support of farm subsidies that benefit him directly, and for his support of big cuts in food stamps that would hurt many of his constituents. But we’re a big believer … Continue reading

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O (there goes the) Christmas tree!

I always associate Christmas with cats, mainly because our daughter’s pet of 19 years, Fluffy, regularly jumped onto the tree.  She never did much damage, but she did annoy my wife, who spent a lot of time making sure the ornaments … Continue reading

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Observations from the center stripe: Group of Death edition

COACHES ARE famous for downplaying the prospects of their teams, but it’s tough to top soccer. If you believe the World Cup coaches, every team is stuck in a “Group of Death”…THE MLS championship game draws the TV ratings the NFL gets … Continue reading

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Is it news or advertising? It’s getting harder to tell

Back in the days when the Internet was a military lab project, the newspapers and magazines worth reading took seriously the idea that advertising should never be allowed to pollute editorial content. Many publications banned advertising personnel from the news … Continue reading

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The ERC has a new candidate for its hot seat

The Economic Resource Council is negotiating with the leader of a regional job creation organization to become the outfit’s new executive director. Jon Gregory, co-founder and managing director of Innovate North State in Chico, would be the fourth leader of … Continue reading

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