Acquiring a much louder megaphone

Brian Hamilton, editor of The Union and a man who apparently doesn’t hold a grudge, has asked me to write a weekly column for the paper along the lines of the content that appears in this blog.

I’ve agreed to take on the assignment and my first column will appear on Monday’s new opinion page. The Union will also run material from the “Observations from the center stripe” feature of this blog.

As I have done here, I will try to find the middle ground on issues I write about in The Union. If the liberals or conservatives in our community agree with everything I write, then I’m not achieving my goal. I’m confident that won’t happen.

Regular readers of this blog know I’ve been critical of The Union in the past, and that will continue if I find things I don’t like. But since I’ll also be serving on the paper’s editorial board, I’ll be able to direct my concerns to the people who can actually change things.

While I spent most of my working years in corporate public relations, I’ve always been a newspaper junkie and it will be fun to write for one again, even if I’m doing the writing from the same place I compose this blog. I’ll definitely have a bigger audience.

–George Boardman

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