It’s silly season again in Nevada County

Gregory Diaz The real target?

Gregory Diaz
The real target?

The primary election is six months away, but the silly season we call campaigning in Nevada County has already begun.

Political partisans are drawing lines in the sand as I write this, and various political alliances are being formed that could tip the election in ways that can have profound consequences for our future.

None of this probably occurred to you on Christmas Day. Fortunately for us, it did occur to Jeff Pelline, the Falstaffian publisher of a local compilation of puffery who is ever on the alert for political skullduggery.

His nose apparently at the ready, Pelline proclaimed in his blog that “I smell another contentious year of elections with unqualified albeit ideologically like-minded people jumping into the race to ‘save us’; a ‘secret slate’ if you will. Nasty personal attacks will surface too.”

But don’t worry. The man who constantly reminds us how lucky we are to have him in our midst vowed to “be around to peel the onion off that skin.” Whatever.

It didn’t take Pelline long to uncover a conspiracy, sounding the alarm on Dec. 30 that Americans for Safe Access have been consorting with known conservatives to get enough signatures to quality a pot initiative for a special election. Access head Patricia Smith has actually spoken with local conservative activist Barry Pruett.

This unholy alliance has the potential to “peel enough votes from Lamphier, Diaz, Vernon and other ‘progressives’ for (the hard right) to lock down local politics,” according to Pelline. “Seems like a good strategy for them…it’s working according to plan.”

Upon further reflection, Pelline concluded that “The real target for the hard right in this instance is Greg Diaz,” the county clerk recorder who is up for reelection this year. Pelline has always been a big fan of Diaz, constantly exposing the motives of those who would do him political harm and contributing to Diaz’s last campaign.

Despite a mini controversy with the pot people over how many signatures are needed to quality an initiative for the ballot, Diaz is a heavy favorite to get reelected. Nobody has announced their opposition and Diaz has assembled a blue-chip reelection committee in case any opponents surface.

But as Pelline will tell you, the next wingnut plot could be hatched at any moment. Eternal vigilance is the price of paranoia.

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4 Responses to It’s silly season again in Nevada County

  1. rlcrabb says:

    The Black Helicopter will pick you up @ 7pm to bring you to the Ultra-secret John Birch Brotherhood meeting at our underground headquarters inside Sugarloaf Mountain. Be sure to wear your confederate army uniform so you don’t get shot by our Blackwater Security Team.

  2. The last paragraph explains the problem well. Wingnuts no…just another opinion gleaned from experience and observation, that may differ from someone else’s. The result is comparable ideas from which we’re able to learn.

  3. gregzaller says:

    I think it would go a long ways toward making your points, George, if you abstain from body appearance comments like the one about Falstaff. There is no reason you couldn’t change it now. It is truly remarkable how big someone can look when they publicly admit that they have made a mistake.

  4. Gerry Fedor says:

    OK George, no more Snickers bars or high fructose corn syrup as that mind seems to be working waaaaaaay too hard.

    You really believe the nonsense that your spouting?

    Did you ever consider that maybe the ASA group just wants Mr. Diaz to actually follow the WRITTEN GUIDELINES as they say something completely different than what Mr. Diaz wanted (after changing his mind), and now we’ve heard the Mr. Diaz did admit that his understanding of these guidelines was incorrect, and the ASA group only needed @9,100 signatures not the 9,872 that Mr. Diaz insisted 2 weeks before the final timeline.

    It was interesting though that the ASA group was able to garner 10,972 valid signatures.

    I guess that conservatives can applaud the fact that this group has been able to more than meet this requirement, and the FACT that they have registered more new voters than anyone else has done in the history of Nevada County.

    The ASA group just wants the voters to decide this issue, not the LE community.

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