Observations from the center stripe: Good eating edition

IF YOU want to lead a parade up Highway 49 north of Combie Road, drive the speed limit. You’ll have at least 10 cars behind you by the time the road widens to two lanes at Lime Kiln…NEVADA UNION High calls its teams the Miners, but its theme song is “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” Wouldn’t “Sixteen Tons” be more appropriate?…GENERAL MILLS is removing the GMOs from my Cheerios. They probably won’t taste any different, but I’ll be able to feel more virtuous…WHY DOES the cereal aisle of every supermarket remind me of the candy aisle? I’m surprised they haven’t made bite-size Ho Hos and Ding Dongs and packaged them as cereal…TIGHTEN YOUR belts, beef eaters: The nation’s cattle herd is the smallest in six decades thanks to three years of drought, and beef on the hoof is selling at record prices. That means higher grocery store and restaurant prices soon…MY ENTHUSIASM for French cooking faded when my wife told me many years ago that French sauces were created to mask the rotting meat they covered.

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