Observations from the center stripe: Pay attention edition

DISTRACTED DRIVING is the No. 1 cause of car wrecks, but it will get worse. Auto manufacturers are teaming up with Apple, Google and other high tech companies to develop numerous Web-based distractions for your car…I DON’T consider myself a trendy guy, but I was way ahead of curve when it comes to the now popular Paleo Diet: Eat like a caveman, meat, grains, fruit and vegetables…JERRY COLEMAN, a former major league player and long-time broadcaster who died recently, was famous for his malaprops. Here’s his description of outfielder Dave Winfield trying to catch a fly ball: “His head hits the fence! It’s rolling toward the infield!”…MY GYM–and probably every other gym in Nevada County–is jammed with new members who resolved to get in shape this year. Experience tells me 90 percent of them will be gone by March 1…THAT REMINDS me of something I was told many years ago: Men sweat, women glow…WHAT’S ANOTHER  word for thesaurus? (thanks Tom O’Toole)…INCOMING Grass Valley city manager Bob Richardson will become an instant hero if he can get Trader Joe’s to open a store in the town.

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