Ferguson probably won’t have clear sailing now

Anna Ferguson Expect competition

Anna Ferguson
Expect competition

Assistant District Attorney Anna Ferguson’s hope that she would have clear sailing to the Nevada County Superior Court seat being vacated by Sean Dowling probably evaporated when David Alkire announced his candidacy for district attorney.

Among the reasons he listed for the defeat of incumbent Cliff Newell was the revelation that two petitions asking for Ferguson’s ouster have been circulating in the DA’s office since 2010.

Alkire charged that dysfunction in the DA’s office centers around Ferguson, and that her relationship with the staff and law enforcement has become “toxic.” She declined to comment when contacted by The Union.

Alkire didn’t say how many people signed either petition, or if they were presented to Newell. The DA came to her defense in a statement issued after Alkire declared his candidacy.

He said Ferguson “has done a good job of implementing my policy. In doing so, we have made demands that all employees work to their full potential; most do but some may be resentful for being held to that standard.

“Public safety is not a popularity contest but a serious and tough business, not to be taken lightly. Not everyone appreciates that.”

Ferguson declared her candidacy last week and is likely to draw opposition now, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get elected. If she does succeed, she’ll have to deal in court with those deputy DAs who wanted her out.

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1 Response to Ferguson probably won’t have clear sailing now

  1. I’m glad Jeffrey Lake and Angela Bradrick are also running for the Superior Court Judge position.

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