Observations from the center stripe: We have questions edition

WHY IS the garage never for sale at a garage sale?…IF JOHNNY Cash “shot a man in Reno just to watch him die,” what’s he doing in Folsom Prison?…DID THE “Dummies” people ever come up with “Ventriloquism for Dummies”?…IT’S NOW legal to eat roadkill in Tennessee. Will that raise or lower the state’s culinary standards?…WHY DO people always refer to a “bouncing” baby boy? You can go to jail for bouncing a baby…STANFORD UNIVERSITY is frequently referred to as the “Harvard of the West.” Do you think anybody refers to Harvard as the “Stanford of the East?”…WHY DO doctors and lawyers have “practices”? I don’t want them practicing on me…MEN ARE frequently criticized for never asking for directions, but have you even tried to get directions from a woman?…WHY DO sportscasters keep referring to the New York “football” Giants? The New York “baseball” Giants left the Big Apple after the 1957 season.

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