Observations from the center stripe: Paying attention edition

NOW THAT its new city manager is in place, Grass Valley can remove the picture of Dan Holler from cityofgrassvalley.com. You’ll find it under pictures of the council members who urged him to pursue other interests…NEVADA CITY  is apparently cooler than Rockport, Texas, according to a popularity contest run by budgettravel.com. I guess that’s something…TV PRODUCERS  must be running out of ideas for new reality shows because AMC is launching one about arm wrestling…THERE’S A rumor floating around that because we lost to Canada in men’s and women’s Olympic hockey, we have to keep Justin Bieber…HOW LOW can you go? Reporters lined up to pay $135 for nine CDs that recorded Bieber’s conduct after he was arrested for driving under the influence…MANY MARIJUANA users get the munchies, so it made perfect sense for a group of Girl Scouts to sell cookies outside one of Colorado’s legal pot stores. Officials nixed the idea, but the girls should get a merit badge for their creative marketing idea…DAVE FLEMMING, second banana to Jon Miller on the San Francisco Giants radio broadcasts, is getting big college basketball games to broadcast on ESPN. Good for him…OUR OLYMPIC snow boarders need to broaden their vocabularies beyond “dude” and “stoked.”

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