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Consolidated Fire sees the future; Do others see it too?

The Nevada County Consolidated Fire Protection District, until recently a poster boy for dysfunctional government, is now leading the way toward what should be the future of fire departments in western Nevada County. Now, will others join the parade? Consolidated Fire’s Board … Continue reading

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Now that you’ve busted your brackets, try this

Most of you have probably busted your brackets after just day one of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, which explains why Warren Buffett was willing to bet $1 billion that nobody would pick all 61 games correctly. (Why do you think he’s … Continue reading

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Observations from the center stripe: Free publicity edition

A ROCK group called Temblor would get plenty of publicity every time an earthquake hits California…HARVARD, in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament for the third straight year, has sent more graduates to the White House (8) than to the NBA (4)…BERKELEY OFFICIALS received over … Continue reading

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Part 2: A field guide to dealing with the media

No guide to the care and feeding of the media can prevent people from being clueless or having a tin ear, from being too narrowly focused to see the big picture, or from having a big ego or explosive temper … Continue reading

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McClintock race could be a good test of ‘top-two’ voting

Promoters of California’s top-two primary voting system claim it will produce more moderate winners when both candidates are from the same party because of the need to attract general election votes from the other party. We will get a good opportunity to test that … Continue reading

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Opposition to ‘Glassholes’ growing in tech-friendly Bay Area

Most people have a little Luddite in them, but the growing opposition to a technology that isn’t even on the market yet may have some validity. The controversy concerns Google Glass, a wearable computer in the form of eye glasses … Continue reading

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