Maybe the GOP should rethink its mid-term strategy

The GOP fought Medicare too.

The GOP fought Medicare too.

People apparently like the idea of medical insurance so much that not even bumbling government bureaucrats couldn’t stop them from meeting the initial enrollment projections for ObamaCare.

A late surge at the end of open enrollment March 31–naturally, the government’s Web site went down–passed the 7 million mark initially projected by the Congressional Budget Office, providing coverage to an estimated 9.5 to 9.8 million Americans.

That’s an impressive performance when you consider the botched rollout, widespread skepticism, and unrelenting Republican opposition. The GOP is still not convinced, alleging the government has fudged the numbers and speculating about how many people will make the premium payments.

The Republicans’ mid-term election strategy to hold the House and win back the Senate is based on repeal of ObamaCare. That’s it. But at least 7 million Americans like the idea, and more will continue to enroll between now and November.

Republicans claim they will replace ObamaCare with something better, but they have yet to produce that “something better.” The outline of a plan was supposed to be circulated among Republican leaders this month, but Politico reported the eventual bill might not even get votes from the leaders likely to craft it.

The replacement for ObamaCare isn’t offered up in Rep. Paul Ryan’s GOP budget proposal, which promises to cut federal spending by $5 trillion over the next decade by (you guessed it) repealing ObamaCare.

When asked about the GOP health care plan earlier this week, Speaker John Boehner essentially admitted they don’t have one and a detailed proposal won’t be forthcoming anytime soon.

In the mean time, ObamaCare is gaining the momentum needed to reach the critical mass that lets it join Social Security and Medicare on the third rail of American politics. The Republicans fought those programs too.





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1 Response to Maybe the GOP should rethink its mid-term strategy

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Don’t buy in to the hype. ObamaCare is hated by a majority and you are being bamboozled. A goodly percentage is Medicaid and the number of youngins is way down. I have talked to many young people and they are not signing up. Do you realize how many people are in the “underground” economy and therefore never file a return? No, the numbers are fabricated and it will probably be hidden since the purveyors of the monstrosity are the gatekeepers for the information.

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