Observations from the center stripe: Good news (?) edition

WHY IS it good news that the federal Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program serves more than 50 percent of the babies born in the county? Either the rules are too lenient or there are more poor people here than I thought…WHEN I lived in the Bay Area, I was under the distinct impression it was in Northern California. People up here apparently use a different map…FUSION CONFUSION: A sushi-taco restaurant is opening in Sacramento…THE LEGAL system might move faster if fewer judges had television shows…PONY UP: CalSTRS, the state teacher retirement system, says it can meet 66.9 percent of its long-term obligations, its shortfall grows by $15 million a day, and it will be broke by 2046. Guess who’s going to pay for that?…CBS IS looking for a replacement for David Letterman, who’s going to retire next year. How about Jay Leno?

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