Peeling the onion off the skin, Part 2

Dan Miller
A “secret slate”?

When last we visited with our political pundit and purveyor of puffery, Jeff Pelline was sounding the alarm on Christmas Day about the unfolding Nevada County political season:

“I smell another contentious year of elections with unqualified albeit ideologically like-minded people jumping into the race to ‘save us’; a ‘secret slate’ if you will. Nasty personal attacks will surface too.”

Vowing to “peel the onion off the skin,” Pelline quickly uncovered an unholy alliance involving Americans for Safe Access and conservative activist Barry Pruett. This cabal, he wrote, could “peel enough votes from Lamphier…and other ‘progressives’ for (the hard right) to lock down local politics. Seems like a good strategy for them…it’s working according to plan.”

Upon further reflection, he decided, “The real target for the hard right in this instance is Greg Diaz,” our county/clerk recorder who is one of Pelline’s favorite local office holders.

Terry Lamphier Hard right target?

Terry Lamphier
Hard right target?

Pellline wants you to believe he’s always right, but he was wrong about Diaz, who is cruising unopposed to re-election. Pelline’s other favorite politician, Supervisior Terry Lamphier, is another story.

Pelline reported in a March 28 post on his blog that a PAC made up of Tea Party partisans, Americans for Good Government, has spent $2,222.37 on a political mailer for Lamphier’s opponent, Grass Valley Mayor Dan Miller.

PAC contributors include Stan Meckler, father of Tea Party co-founder Mark Meckler, and two members of the local Tea Party board of directors. (Not only that, but Penn Valley outsider Pruett has also contributed to Miller’s campaign.)

That led Pelline to crow that he had warned the Tea Party faithful would support Miller, and “I wasn’t woofin’.” Just to make sure you understand the importance of this expose, he called it ” the most significant development in the campaign so far.” (Really?)

But as all conspiracy theorists know, there’s no end to what the forces of evil will try to undermine the will of the people. Thus we learned from the Foothills taskmaster on April 1 that Dorsey Center developer Russell Jeter contributed $3,200 to Tom McClintock’s state senate campaign when both lived in the Santa Barbara area in 2004.

“How ‘progressive’ is that?,” Pelline wondered out loud, reminding his readers of Pruett’s contribution to the Miller campaign, and the fact that his wife works for McClintock.

You can see the connection here, can’t you? Apparently the local media can’t, with Pelline wishing “the local media would cover this community better. The Union has earned the nickname the Tea Party Gazette.”

But Pelline’s readers get it. Here’s regular Brad Croul commenting on the Jeter revelation: “Makes you wonder how a guy ‘way up in Washington state’ knew about a little piece of land in our neck of the woods in the first place.”

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3 Responses to Peeling the onion off the skin, Part 2

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Let me see. Hmmm. Salter, Royal, Vernon, Horne, all unopposed for election. Two Supe races, Hmmm, pretty quiet and boring I’d say. Seems all the candidates are being very nice to each other. What does this mean? Maybe, Pelline writes his tripe to actually jinn up the rancor? That may be it.

  2. Barry Pruett says:

    Apparently you are not aware as Jeff probably has not told you yet, but I am the anti-Christ of Nevada County and Todd is the devil. All evil political schemes revovle around me. If I support someone that person instantly becomes evil too. You need to read the memo from Pelline. LOL.

  3. Russ Steele says:

    The real issue is that Jeff wants to have a seat at the head of the political table, but he cannot even get a chair in the room, let alone at the table, and this is very upsetting to him. He is not one of the “old boys”, or the “old girls” or related to some one born in Nevada County. He is a transplant with San Francisco values, and it is highly unlikely he will ever become gain the respect he thinks he deserves.

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