Observations from the center stripe: Resilient youth edition

TEENAGERS ARE apparently more resilient than we thought. A 16-year-old jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge a couple of years ago to see if he could do it, and walked away with a few bruises. Now a 15-year-old has apparently survived a 5.5-hour ride to Hawaii in the wheel well of a Boeing 767…CIGARETTES are the only legal product that kill 400,000 of its customers annually when used as directed…CLIVEN BUNDY is about the learn the meaning of the term, “15 minutes of fame”…PREDICTIONS of “carmageddon” when repair work started on Highway 50 in Sacramento this week didn’t come true, probably because the media scared enough people into taking the threat seriously…SACRAMENTO has a professional soccer team, and some fans have organized a singing and drinking club. I’ve always thought that was the best way to view soccer…

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