Figuring out how your tax dollars work

There was a brief exchange at the Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting on what to do with the voter initiative on medical marijuana that makes you wonder how bureaucrats come up with the numbers they throw around.

Supervisor Terry Lamphier pressed county Clerk/Recorder Gregory Diaz on why it will cost $72,000 to add the initiative to November’s general election ballot.  After all, it’s just one more line on the ballot, and the cost of printing the initiative and the for-and-against arguments.

Diaz said the addition would cost the county $1.06 per voter. When Lamphier asked for an explanation, Diaz and a staff member couldn’t provide specific details, but said they ran a simulation a couple of years ago that concluded the cost was $1 a voter. Costs have apparently gone up 6 percent since then.

Lamphier finally gave up, saying that he guessed Diaz had the numbers. Whatever they are.



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