Observations from the center stripe: Incentives edition

THERE’S NO proof that economic incentives like the $40 million Texas used to lure 3,000 Toyota jobs to the state actually work long-term, but corporations are more than happy to take the money…BUT DON’T expect any loyalty from them: Elon Musk got plenty of help from California when he started Tesla and Solar City, but now he’s going to build a major battery plant elsewhere…FOR SALE? The Los Angeles branch of the NAACP was going to give its Lifetime Achievement Award to Donald Sterling until his racist recording surfaced. This isn’t new behavior for Sterling, but he did give the group a lot of money…WHY DO so many bald men feel the need to grow beards?…THE APPEARANCE  of folk singer Joan Baez at the Center for the Arts won’t be well received by Vietnam vets who are still bitter about their treatment. While she doesn’t generation the blow back of “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, Baez is remembered by many for refusing to pay her taxes to protest the war and encouraging active resistance to the draft…

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