Observations from the center stripe: Political sin edition

APPARENTLY RUNNING the TARP program is a major sin among California Republicans. A new poll shows that Neel Kashkari is trailing Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (guns troubles) and businessman Glenn Champ (a registered sex offender) in the race to become the GOP candidate for governor…NEW RESEARCH showing that the blood of young mice can rejuvenate old mice suggests all kinds of new possibilities for vampire and horror movies…IGNORE ALL of the winner/loser stories about the NFL draft. It will be two to three years before we can answer that question…BUT YOU can bank on this: One-third of the first-round draft picks will be worth the money, one-third will become overpriced journeymen, and one-third will be busts…CONSERVATIVES SHOULD enjoy the newest version of “Godzilla,” where the monster tries to destroy San Francisco, and presumably its values…

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