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Camper Cowboys should have to pay for damage they caused

The Camper Cowboys who staged the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, to protest federal management of public lands left behind at least $1.7 million in damage caused during the 41-day siege. Federal officials found … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party’s undemocratic super delegates

Democratic Part presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received 72 percent of the votes cast in the party’s Washington caucuses last weekend, sweeping every county in the state. ┬áThat will earn him most of the state’s 101 regular delegates. But that won’t … Continue reading

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And the GOP thought they had Harry Reid’s seat in the bag

The Republican Party has to defend 24 U.S. Senate seats up for reelection this year and will lose control of the senate if they’re defeated in five of those races. But the GOP has been confident it could win at … Continue reading

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Local control? Only if you do it our way

Conservatives are big on local control, the idea that government closest to the people is best able to reflect the desires and attitudes of the governed. They particularly like this idea when liberals try to impose new controls at the … Continue reading

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Hillary nails this one

A lot of people, especially his vanquished Republican opponents, have complained about all of the attention the news media has given Donald Trump. Marco Rubio was particularly critical of the spotlight shined on The Donald after he admitted defeat and … Continue reading

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The Sacramento Bee thinks this is page one news

Amid all the turmoil in the world today, The Sacramento Bee decided this story deserved front page attention today: “Did mailman deliver turkey’s fatal blow?” The first paragraph of the story set the tone: “Residents on a quiet Fair Oaks … Continue reading

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