It’s never too early to politicize a non-partisan race

The good government types who promote the concept of non-partisan elections will tell you there’s nothing political about filling potholes or collecting garbage–unless there’s a debate about whether government workers or private enterprise should do the work.

But most voters are too lazy to weigh the credentials and positions of candidates for office–they want easy road signs that will point them toward the candidate they find least objectionable. Even in “non-partisan” races, you don’t have to wait long for the signs to appear.

Just a day after the filing period ended, the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee endorsed Heidi Hall over Duane Strawser in the race for the first district seat on the Board of Supervisors.

After interviewing both candidates, the committee decided Hall was the best person for the job because her “background and leadership skills can bring people together and develop creative, long-term solutions that will keep our region safe, independent, and thriving.”

But the Americans for Good Government PAC didn’t even wait until the end of the filing period, announcing a couple of weeks ago it is holding a fundraiser for Strawser on March 31. Many of the people associated with the PAC are known to be supporters of the Tea Party, the State of Jefferson Movement, and Congressmen Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock.

The Dems’ endorsement of Hall is no big surprise. She ran a losing campaign against LaMalfa, has shown sympathy for the local medical marijuana movement, and has made a career in the environmental and water resources regulation fields–areas liberals love and conservatives hate.

The conservative embrace of Strawser is a little more problematical. He announced recently that he is changing his voter registration from “Democratic” to “Decline to State.” Not only that, he professed his “long-time support for Democratic values and the Democratic Party,” according to the central committee statement endorsing Hall.

Strawser has avoided taking a position on Measure W, the ban on outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana that has already been endorsed by the Nevada County Republican Party. It’s not known what his position is on the Tea Party or Jefferson movement.

But conservatives don’t have much to choose from. They have a real dislike for Hall, and the only real conservative who threatened to run–former supervisor Todd Juvinall–didn’t enter the race. Juvinall insisted many people urged him to run and that he could easily sweep aside any “libnut” who challenged him

When Juvinall decided not to run, he left slim pickings for the anybody-but-Hall crowd.















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1 Response to It’s never too early to politicize a non-partisan race

  1. Greg Goodknight says:

    Let’s also remember The Union Other Voices where Heidi Hall and Penn State’s Michael Mann called for our local paper to no longer print dissents from Mann’s brand of catastrophic anthropogenic global warm… after all, 97% of published climate scientists agree with Mann.

    Only they don’t. Mann is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, and by the AMS survey a year or so ago, only 52% believed one-half or more of the warming of the past century was due to mankind, from all actions, including things like land use patterns (cutting down vast swaths of rainforest, for example) and black carbon (soot). The 97% number was made from whole cloth in a desperate attempt to establish AGW as determined by a political process (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change summaries are written by political appointees) to have an authority similar to gravitation or evolution… only it doesn’t.

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