Nevada County Roadkill is back

After a hiatus of almost two years, I’ve decided to resurrect Nevada County Roadkill; The fact that we’re in Easter season is just a coincidence. The reason is simple: There are a lot of topics I want to comment on, and this blog is the best vehicle for doing that.

As many of you know, I write a regular column for The Union newspaper in Grass Valley. But that appears just once a week, and there are a lot of weeks I wish I had three columns to write. There are also subjects that interest me that don’t have a broad enough appeal to make it into my column.

While most of the focus will be on Nevada County, I’ll be writing about subjects outside the area  as well as sports. Unlike in the past, I will be adding new material throughout the week instead of just Friday, and everybody’s invited to comment.

You just have to follow three simple rules to get your comment published: Use your real name, stay on topic, avoid personal attacks, and don’t swear. I will pass judgement on every comment before it’s posted, and I’ll reject those that doesn’t meet my simple standard.

–George Boardman



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9 Responses to Nevada County Roadkill is back

  1. John Lippiatt says:

    I have a top 10 list of better uses for NC’s PotChopper dollars.
    May I send it to you and how?

  2. Nuke Brunswick says:

    Welcome back!

  3. One of the reasons I restarted my blog was to straighten out people like Chip Wilder, who either doesn’t get it or just gets it wrong. He scored on both counts earlier today on Pelline’s blog with his comments on my current column in The Union.

    Wilder writes that the $18 billion in fines and penalties paid by JPMorgan Chase is bailout money, “FROM US.” Wrong, Chippy. The $18 billion came from the bank’s earnings, not the taxpayers. According to Pro Publica, JPMorgan received $25 billion is bailout funds and repaid $26.73 billion, a return of almost 7 percent to taxpayers.

    I mentioned the bank and Jamie Dimon to point out that he wasn’t held accountable for multiple transgressions on his watch, a trend you can see in other strata of our society including deputy sheriffs. I guess the point was too subtle for Chippy.

    Jeffy, you really should do something about the spelling error in the Heidi Hall headline. I only mention this because I know you want to set a good example for the yahoos who comment on local blogs. I’m surprised one of your regulars hasn’t alerted you. I guess they can’t spell either. LOL.

  4. gjrebane says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere Mr Boardman. Ruminations is proud to post a permanent link NC Roadkill. gjr

  5. Bill Tozer says:

    Hello Mr. Boardman. To get this published, I have to follow 3 rules. Fair enough, but you mentioned 4 rules. Ah, don’t publish this, just messing with you. But, if should you read this (off the record of course), does that mean I can follow the first 3 rules and be allowed to swear? Is this like a smorgasbord? Pick 3 out of the 4? Everyone is a critic.
    I won’t bother you much. Besides, I am unable to stay on topic. I thought this would be another Roadkill Cookbook written for us inbreds. Use lots of pictures cause we don’t read or writ so well. Now, don’t publish this and you have my real e-mail address. Not even Rebane has that. :). May the wind be at your back. BTW, what is the topic? I hope not the Gas Bag of Nevada City.
    Best wishes with NC Roadkill. Love the title.

  6. Welcome back. Your last article is right on the mark. Thanks.

  7. Welcome back. Your article yesterday is right on. Thank you.

  8. Podunk Pelline boldly writes that I never lived in San Francisco without bothering to check his facts. Wrong again, dunce. I was born in San Francisco, went to college there, and lived there after we got married.

    As for Jim Firth and his confusion about my homeless column, maybe he should seek an explanation from Pauli Halstead, who thanked me for the column. She got it. Apparently Jimbo didn’t.

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