Strawser’s backed by a broad spectrum of the…Republican Party

There’s been a lot of talk about the war within the Republican Party–Tea Party vs. Establishment, that sort of stuff–but they have apparently been able to unite behind the candidacy of Duane Strawser for the First District supervisor’s seat.

The latest evidence of this detente is the endorsement of outgoing Supervisor Nate Beason, a mainline Republican who is viewed with suspicion by local Tea Party and State of Jefferson factions. In fact, they actively backed a candidate running against Beason four years ago.

But those same people are now backing Strawser through a PAC called “Americans for Good Government,” which has contributed over $3,000 to his campaign and will presumably be voting for him in June. Who said the lion can’t lay down with the lamb?

All of this is somewhat odd when you realize that Strawser is a long-time Democrat who announced his intention to re-register as an Independent. But when you look at his opponent, all of this starts to make sense.

He’s opposed by Heidi Hall, a long-time environmental activist who’s a lot farther to the left than Strawser ever wants to be. Contributions and other support show she’s attracted the backing of the Susie Tompkins Buell wing of the California Democratic Party–the tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, granola-eating progressives usually found on the coast.

How much of that support exists in Nevada County remains to be seen. But voters who place a high value on political endorsements won’t have any trouble choosing sides in this nonpartisan race.



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1 Response to Strawser’s backed by a broad spectrum of the…Republican Party

  1. That was a nice piece The Sacramento Bee had the other day about Strawser’s efforts to boost the local economy with the Amgen race:

    What has Heidi Hall done for the local economy lately?

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