Cruz knows conservatives have Fox News in their hip pocket

Fox News talking head Sean Hannity almost blew a gasket during Tuesday’s coverage of the New York primaries because Sen. Ted Cruz wouldn’t answer his questions about the role delegates play in the selection of a presidential candidate.

Cruz ignored Hannity’s questions and talked instead about how he’s addressing the real concerns of Americans. Hannity finally said he was “getting sick” of Cruz dodging “legitimate questions.”

The Texas senator can afford to ignore the questions because he knows that Fox News is the television arm of the Republican Party, and he’ll have no trouble getting air time as long as he’s a legitimate contender for the Republican presidential nomination.

Donald Trump sets the standard–if that’s the word–in this regard. Trump trashed one of Fox’s stars, Megyn Kelly, to the point where Roger Ailes, head of the network, publicly criticized Trump’s comments. The Donald also boycotted one of the Fox candidate debates because Kelly was going to be asking questions.

So has Trump been 86ed from the network? Of course not. He’s a regular on the network, and Cruz won’t suffer because he didn’t play along with Hannity. This is kind of humble pie you have to eat when your No. 1 goal is to deny the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

TOUGH GUY: If Trump can be flustered by the grilling he gets from Megyn Kelly, how can we be confident he’ll be able to take the heat from Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping?

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