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It ain’t bragging if you can do it

Professional sports are┬ápopulated with team owners who made their fortunes doing other things, and believe they can work the same magic in the world of sports. Most of them learn the hard way that sports is a whole different game. … Continue reading

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Cruz knows conservatives have Fox News in their hip pocket

Fox News talking head Sean Hannity almost blew a gasket during Tuesday’s coverage of the New York primaries because Sen. Ted Cruz wouldn’t answer his questions about the role delegates play in the selection of a presidential candidate. Cruz ignored … Continue reading

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A higher power is looking out for the boys on Wall Street

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Sacramento announced with considerable fanfare last week that it has extracted a $5 billion fine from Goldman Sachs for misconduct related to the sale of mortgage securities that helped precipitate the 2008 financial crisis. Goldman … Continue reading

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Strawser’s backed by a broad spectrum of the…Republican Party

There’s been a lot of talk about the war within the Republican Party–Tea Party vs. Establishment, that sort of stuff–but they have apparently been able to unite behind the candidacy of Duane Strawser for the First District supervisor’s seat. The … Continue reading

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Nevada County Scooper vs. Sierra FoodWineArt: Who’s the best at fake journalism?

A knock-down, drag-out steel cage death match erupted recently between Nevada County Scooper and the proprietor of Sierra FoodWineArt in the safe confines of ┬áthe blogosphere, capturing the attention of a disbelieving audience of Nevada County thrill seekers. The bitter … Continue reading

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A tale of 2 NBA cities

It’s the best of times for the Golden State Warriors, and it could be the worst of times for the Sacramento Kings as each team prepares for its final game of the regular season tonight. The Warriors play Memphis at … Continue reading

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