So, what has Ed Scofield accomplished in 7 years? Measure W?

You would think somebody who’s been in office seven years would have a record to run on as he seeks a third term as county supervisor.

Not Ed Scofield. According to him, the one issue to consider in his campaign against Alta Sierra insurance firm owner Richard Harris is: “Do we want to be a pot county, or do we want to control it?”

That’s probably a wise political move. It’s clear that pot is the current local hot button issue, specifically Measure W, which would ban outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana and limit legitimate users to growing 12 plants indoors. The measure’s on the June ballot, and Scofield thinks it’s a winner.

Certainly, Scofield has little to point to in the way of accomplishments. His web site,, provides a laundry list of what he stands for, but nothing about what he’s actually accomplished. When he was chair of the supes, his No. 1 goal was to be a prudent steward of the people’s money.

Ah, Ed, that’s one of the basic requirements of the job, not the major goal.

Scofield is a conservative who believes that the less government we have, the better–especially if it’s going cost money. But that doesn’t mean he’s a do nothing. Back in 2013, he wasted several hours of the supervisors’ time by sponsoring testimony from Doyle Shamley, a New World Order wacho who tried to convince the supes that they have the right to take control of roads within National Forests because state and local laws have precedence over federal laws.

Shamley’s testimony was not well received–at least by Scofield’s fellow supervisors. Supervisor Nate Beason thought Shamley’s theory was nonsense, which may be why Scofield teamed up with Supervisor Terry Lamphier–probably the only time ever–to vote against Beason’s outdoor events ordinance a year later.

But Scofield was onboard late last year when four of the supes–Richard Anderson apparently didn’t sign on–teamed with Sheriff Keith Royal to choreograph a total ban on the outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana.

Showing the kind of leadership for which they are known, they let Royal lead the effort publicly, but the votes were already in when the sheriff staged his dog and pony show on the evils of pot for the public at the Rood Center. Now the public gets to express its opinion  June 7.

If you’re looking for an alternative in District 2, Harris is nothing to get excited about. He decided to run at the last minute, and had no campaign manager or treasurer when he filed his papers. Harris is apparently so unfamiliar with county government that he didn’t know supervisor is a paid position, according to The Union. Really.

Okay folks, you decide.

TWO MORE THINGS: As of April 30, Scofield’s biggest campaign contributor was Eddie Garcia, a leader in the effort to defeat a badly needed tax increase to fund the operations of the Higgins Fire District. Now Higgins has to reduce its operations, increasing the fire danger in the South County. Scofield’s okay with this? Finally, CABPRO–which sponsored Shamley’s visit to Nevada County–has come out in opposition to Measure W.



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1 Response to So, what has Ed Scofield accomplished in 7 years? Measure W?

  1. You have to give Scofield credit for knowing his constituents because Measure W got its strongest support in District 2.

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