The Dallas shootings shouldn’t surprise anybody

No rational person can justify the actions of the black sniper who killed five Dallas police officers and wounded seven more, but the atrocity shouldn’t surprise anybody after the two most recent shootings of black men by white police.

Black America is not only outraged over the continuations of these shootings, it is frustrated because it believes it can get no justice in even the most egregious cases. I’m surprised something like the Dallas shooting hasn’t happened before.

Conservatives will reject these sentiments, denying police are racist and pointing to violence in the black community and disrespect for authority as the catalyst for these deadly confrontations. White people get along with the cops; why can’t blacks?

Maybe they should ask fellow conservative Newt Gingrich, who said earlier today, “It’s more dangerous to be black in America than white.” As a white man, Gingrich said it took him a long time to come to this understanding but he now believes it to be the case.

If you need any more evidence, just look at the police and civilian videos that surface after practically every incident. White folks now have visible evidence of what blacks have been complaining about for decades.

But I don’t believe that police departments are inherently racist institutions out to kill blacks, as suggested in a Facebook post earlier today from Nevada City council member Reinette Senum, who appears to be losing her grip on reality.

“(The Dallas shootings) was completely incited by America’s police force,” she wrote. “They have obviously been given directives to go out there and kill. It’s insane and it’s meant to create mayhem…We can expect this when the police murder somebody.”

(Maybe it’s all of those microwave towers in Nevada City that are sending her off the deep end. Perhaps she should discuss the issue with the town’s police chief just to make sure he hasn’t issued any directives.)

But it’s also true there are racists within the ranks of police departments,  and that there are officers who harbor hostility toward blacks. The decisions made by police, who get extensive training in handling these incidents, are truly incomprehensible at times. Any reasonable person who has seen the tape recording of the shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La, should be shocked if the cop who pulled the trigger isn’t charged with a capital crime.

Police departments have to do a better job training their personal to de-escalate tense situations, weed out the bad actors in their ranks, and be more transparent and forthcoming with information when these incidents occur. Otherwise, we’re just going to see more Dallas-type shootings in the future.



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1 Response to The Dallas shootings shouldn’t surprise anybody

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Everyone pontificates about this and in my view most are BSing reality. Police can be human and can overreact. No doubt about it. They can also discharge their weapons and become the hangman. Most police, 99% in my opinion do a fine job and treat people equally. When they are caught doing bad things they are prosecuted just as a regular citizen. But until you police the inner cities, I say to all you white guilt people, shut up. You have no clue. I abhor the Minnesota and Louisiana killings but to taint the entire countries police is ridiculous. I suggest anyone who doubts the pressure of pulling over someone or knocking on their door do it themselves and feel the sweat pour down your neck. These men and women do it every day. 20,000 have died over the last century from being killed by the bad guys. So go ahead and make your broad generalizations about the cops but for the most part they do their best under tough circumstances. They are the best trained on the planet. Get rid of the few bad ones. Pray they come to help you when you are being attacked. And of course never make a broad generalization about the black Americans.

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