The Internet is changing the way we communicate

Legendary (in his own mind) blogger Jeff “Podunk” Pelline has apparently been drinking some of Reinette Senum’s conspiracy theory Kool-Aid, conjuring up a coordinated effort to bring down Nevada City’s most high-profile public official.

Senum has apologized for the broad-brush statement she posted on her Facebook page suggesting police are hired assassins, but that hasn’t stopped her detractors from ramping up the criticism and heat.

The Nevada City Police Officers Association has called for her resignation, Placer County deputies want you to boycott her restaurant, a petition is being circulated denouncing her action, and the media is stepping up the drumbeat. Now the Nevada City Council has called a special meeting to show its support for police officers everywhere.

Podunk apparently sees a conspiracy in all of this. “To me, at least, it all sounds very coordinated,” he wrote in his blog. “I would vote for an investigation or ‘discovery’ proceeding.”

Larry Hoffman chimed in on Pelline’s blog, asking why were the “Sacramento news teams sent up here to push this to a broader level? Is one of our local puppet masters at work here?”

“Good question Larry!” Pelline replied.

Jeffy knows better. When you make an incredibly stupid statement on Facebook at a time when everybody is hypersensitive, negative reaction on the Internet will spread faster than a foothills brush fire. Protests that used to take days to organize can now be put together in minutes, and people who have never met can unite to champion a common cause. No conspiracy is necessary.

As Podunk has been telling us for several years, the Internet is changing the way we communicate.



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6 Responses to The Internet is changing the way we communicate

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Podunk Pellime tells all of his five readers that the rightwingers are responsible for everything bad and that millennials don’t move here because of their politics. Maybe those retiring policeman won’t move to Nevada City and County as the leftwingnuts are now the true representatives?. But I think his paranoia has the best of him now.

  2. Ms. Reinette also sees a conspiratorial group trying to damage her reputation, telling The Union: “We will be dealing with them shortly, this is much deeper than what it seems.”

    I can’t wait.

  3. Why is the offending Facebook post she apologized for and deleted back up on her Facebook page? Maybe her apology wasn’t sincere.

  4. Todd Juvinall says:

    She said she is going after those people she says conspired against her. Did we not see that in the 1930″s and in the USSR?

  5. Given what Pelline has done for her, you would expect Senum to show some appreciation by buying an ad in Jeffy’s magazine. Maybe business isn’t good enough to afford such a luxury. LOL.

  6. I seem to have been blocked from Senum’s Facebook bleatings. I wonder why? LOL

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