An example of why paper still don’t get it in the Internet age

McClatchy, the owner of 29 newspapers including The Sacramento Bee, announced Thursday it lost $1.5 million in the second quarter “as the newspaper chain continued its decade-long struggle with the shift to a digitally dominated media landscape.”

Today’s edition of The Bee provides a good example of why newspapers are struggling in the era of the Internet.

I missed Donald Trump’s speech last night and was looking forward to reading a recap of his comments in today’s edition of The Bee. Instead, I get an analysis of what he said–I actually had to go online to find a news story summarizing the speech.

Do the editors of The Bee really think all their subscribers watched the speech last night, or read about it online before the paper was delivered this morning? I posed that question in an email to editor Joyce Terhaar but have yet to get a reply more than six hours after I sent it. Maybe she’s still trying to open her email.

Clueless, truly clueless editorial decision-making.



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1 Response to An example of why paper still don’t get it in the Internet age

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    I dropped my subscription many years ago as I felt the hundreds of thousands of Republicans and conservatives in the Bee’s reach were being trashed and shortchanged in every paper. I emailed many times, wrote letter and called. All they did was double down on their bias. I remember once when the Bee started a “regional” insert and all it had was criminal crap. I wrote a letter to the Editors saying HEY, there is a lot more to the counties upo this way than crime. They told me to stuff it.

    So now you see a bit of why many newspapers are on the way out. It is not necessarily because they are trounced by the internet but because they are not serving the population correctly. And lastly, they apparently allow Pelline to post and that says it all.

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