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Jeff Gale, welcome to our little corner of Paradise!

Folks in our little corner of Paradise are proud of their friendly, welcoming approach to newcomers, and this is largely true. But as relative newcomer Jeff Gale discovered over the weekend, this Paradise also has a viper pit known as … Continue reading

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What little integrity Clinton has left takes another blow

Hillary Clinton just spent three days Hoovering up $9 million in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, part of an estimated $57 million she’s raised this month for her presidential campaign. In her latest visit to the California ATM, she … Continue reading

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Trump thinks he can win without the Republican establishment

Donald Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as CEO of his presidential campaign is a clear signal to the so-called Republican Party establishment that he isn’t going to play by their rules, and really doesn’t care if they come along on … Continue reading

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Lew Wolff, John Fisher: Baseball’s Oakland slum lords

The Oakland A’s have always played second fiddle to the San Francisco Giants in the Bay Area baseball market, but they’ve come to resemble the neglected step child since the Haas family sold the team in 2005 to a group … Continue reading

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The NU game plan: Dazzle ’em if you can’t beat ’em

Nevada Union and Bear River high schools will sort of kick-off the 2016 football season Saturday when they participate in a four-team scrimmage at El Camino High School in Sacramento. Fortunately for the Miners, nobody will be keeping score. As … Continue reading

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Is the campaign just another money-making venture for Trump?

Thanks to a “fantastic” fund-raising effort in June and July, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has raised $132 million, according to his campaign manager, Paul “The Bagman” Manafort. As with everything else that comes out of the campaign, we’ll require some … Continue reading

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