Is this what social conservatives, evangelicals signed up for?


Melania Trump displaying her assets in a men’s magazine

Social conservatives and evangelical Christians are captives of the Republican Party, primarily because the Democrats are unwilling to bend on the issues that are important to this constituency.

They’re four-square for traditional marriage–you know, Dick and Jane instead of Dick and John–want to infuse public institutions with as much religion as they can get away with, and are dead set against abortion.  They’re also big supporters of charter schools, where their children can be safe from evolution and sex education.

These positions get them a cold shoulder from Democrats and a sympathetic hearing from Republicans, who let them have their way with the party platform and then do little about the social issues that concern conservatives the rest of the time.

So values voters and fundamentalist Christians have two basic choices this election year–sit out the election or support Donald Trump. The idea that Hillary Clinton–a supporter of the right to an abortion and (just as bad) Planned Parenthood– might actually become president has made the choice for them.

Although many social values leaders are reluctant to do so, they have signed-up with Trump, willing to look past his three marriages, his admitted adultery, his irreverence in referring to Holy Communion as “having my little cracker,” and his inability to ask God for forgiveness, which he said he has never done.

A survey taken by The Wall Street Journal suggests this decision might not be as radical as it might appear to the casual observer. According to the survey, only 38 per cent of fundamentalist who support Trump attend church regularly, compared to 56 percent of  social conservatives and 43 percent of the Republican establishment.

Trump’s supporters also divorce at a higher rate than Godless atheists, have higher incidences of premarital sex and sexually transmitted diseases, and are more likely to be involved in domestic violence.

They apparently have more in common with The Donald than we thought.

SELLING PAPERS: When critics of newspaper think they are sensationalizing the news, they sneer at such efforts as “just trying to sell papers.” That charge certainly applies to Rupert Murdoch, who never lets his political views get in the way of making a dollar.

Murdoch, the creator of Fox News who is never bashful about expressing his conservative views, also owns the New York Post, whose Sunday front page is featured above. Murdoch’s operatives managed to get a hold of decades-old pictures of Melanie Trump displaying her assets and could have easily buried them–after all, his guy Trump has enough problems as it is. But there are papers to be sold and money to be made.






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8 Responses to Is this what social conservatives, evangelicals signed up for?

  1. stevefrisch says:

    Um, yeah, this is exactly what many social conservatives want, they
    just can’t say it.

  2. RL Crabb says:

    Except for the Denny Hastert wing. They prefer boys.

  3. Todd Juvinall says:

    Maybe they like it? You like it right? And maybe if they don’t they forgive it? You libs crack me up. Always judging the social conservatives. My goodness.

  4. Bill Tozer says:

    This ain’t your Daddy’s Republican Party. Or even the Republican Party of 2008. Interesting to note that our younger generation thinks “nothing to see here, it’s all good,” concerning the picture of the immigrant model Mrs. Trump. She is cool in their book. Sex sells and the sun rises in the east and slut shaming won’t work this time around.
    Charter schools are where poor parents want to send their kids. Private exclusive $$$ high schools are where the rich folks send their kids. Public schools are getting closer to making the list topped by used car salesman, real estate agents, and the crabs. Note:: real estate agents are now less popular than used car salesmen. Sign of the times.

    • If these so-called principled conservatives actually had any, they would sit-out the election. We’ll see if they actually follow their leaders to the polls or if they take a pass, as many did four years ago because they didn’t want to vote for a Mormon.

  5. Bill Tozer says:

    I believe some of our principled conservatives will stay home. Look how many stayed home in 2012. Not because Mitt was a Mormon, but because he was the same ole same ole. The evangelicals have surprised me the most on the Right side of the street. They lined up behind Carson out of the gate then moved quickly behind Trump when Carson admitted he did not know a thing about foreign policy, a subject not taught in brain surgeon school. Cruz represents what I call a more conservative Christianity, not at all to be confused with Conservative Christians. Insider terms, not what I would call the evangelicals, Hey, I was raised a Holy Roller, so I know. Cruz folks are the most likely to stay home of the entire Protestant/Catholic world because of principled reasons.
    Even when Trump was going toe to toe with The Pope about the wall and Cruz and Huckleberry, and Rick Santorum and Walker and Jeb, and Marco, the evangelicals never wavered. Divorce, a non church goer, a man who likes opulent things, not modest, a braggart, etc. Family values are preferred, but not required. It’s the message of patriotism we lap up. Strong defense means exactly that…defense. Strong security. Standing up for our rights, live and let live, let us breathe and set the ship right. The Republican Party as it now stands is not the vehicle to take us forward. They, like the Wrong side of the aisle, have shown utter disdainfor millions of good decent people. Thus, some things are overlooked when not near the top of the priority list.

  6. Bill Tozer says:

    Oh boys. You just don’t get it. This is what happens when wide spread populism is mixed with conservatism. You get a bunch of people from every background. The conservatives have a big tent and are not the rigid ideology that defines the left. The ONLY ones sitting home will be the Mormons, who just are too narrow minded I reckon. Opps, the leftists will sit home and pout along with all those trapped in the iron bear trap of rigid exclusionary cold hard Liberal Ideology. Oh well, I doubt Utah will suddenly go blue, like that is going to happen. The NeverTrumpsters turn out to be Mitt’s boys, lol. You guys on the Left are just too tightly wound. It’s 2016. Keep up or fall farther behind. And, yes, Trump was right. Romney does walk like a penguin. That happens when your ideology is so rigid you walk around looking as if some foreign object was shoved into the place where the sun does not shine….just like Liberals who are so tight with their own money they squeak when they walk. You boys here are a bunch of prudes. So out of touch with common man. Populism mixed with Conservatism is not a bad fit all in all.

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