Some people don’t know a good story idea when they hear one

We attended the Nevada County Fair on opening night, the first time we’ve been in a couple of years. I don’t find it particularly exciting (it doesn’t seem to change much), but my wife likes to check out the farm animals and we were accompanied this year by our niece and her two young children.


But is it healthy?

As we walked down Treat Street looking for something reasonable to eat for dinner, I recalled an experience I had when I was assistant city editor of The Union and John Seelmeyer was the paper’s editor.

John, who is now retired, was a sharp guy, an excellent journalist, and a good boss to work for. The only major disagreement we ever had was when I turned down his offer to become the paper’s city editor. (If I’d taken the job I might have eventually been promoted to editor, then Jeff Ackerman could have cut me loose instead of Podunk Pelline!)

As the start of the county fair approached one year, Seelmeyer sent a memo to all of the troops soliciting ideas for fair stories. He thought we were doing the same stories year after year and wanted to see something different.

Always willing to do my bit, I replied with the suggestion that we recruit a nutritionist to take a stroll down Treat Street and provide a running commentary on the food being sold. I pointed out that at least talking about¬†healthy eating was becoming trendy and that we could provide a public service to The Union’s readers by steering them toward the healthier fare being offered at the fair.

For some reason, John never replied to my suggestion. It just goes to show you: Even the best editors don’t always recognize a good story.

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