Is the campaign just another money-making venture for Trump?

Thanks to a “fantastic” fund-raising effort in June and July, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has raised $132 million, according to his campaign manager, Paul “The Bagman” Manafort.

donald trump

Where’s the money, Donnie?

As with everything else that comes out of the campaign, we’ll require some verification before we believe it–that will come when the campaign has to file an updated finance report by Labor Day. But let’s assume they’ve raised the money: What are they doing with it?

It’s hard to tell. Trump has practically no ground operations in two states he needs to win–Ohio and Florida–and another key state he thinks he can flip, Pennsylvania. There’s no evidence he’s reserved TV time in the crucial month of October to run political ads. And while Hillary has spent a lot of money to advertise during the Olympic coverage, Trump is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Trump hasn’t filed paperwork required to forgive the $50 million personal loan he made to the campaign,  as he promised to do in June. He travels everywhere is his personal jet and holds as many campaign-related events at Trump properties as he can. The cost for all of this is billed to his campaign. Then there are various family members involved in the campaign; I wonder what kind of salaries they’re drawing?

Until we see some evidence to the contrary, I’m inclined to believe The Donald views the campaign fund as his personal piggy bank. Maybe that’s what he had in mind when he said last week that he’ll enjoy a long, lovely vacation if he loses the election.

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8 Responses to Is the campaign just another money-making venture for Trump?

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Now that is quite the fantasy. I sent a hundred bucks. And I bet a lot of people did. I recall during the primaries he received 12 million or more and that was placed in a separate campaign account as he wanted to be pure about his own money. So here he is spending his wn money and still the left can’t give the guy a break.

    Hillary and Bill raise a billion and use the money for everything and it is from their own non-profit. And their tax return shows them giving a million in donations to GASP, their own non-profit! So if you are truly a man of the middle, we are all waiting for those biting critiques of Hillary too.

    And historically campaigns and spending heavily starts after labor day.

    • Since you contributed money, you should be holding Trump accountable. As far as I can tell, his campaign consists of rallies and tweeting. You don’t need $132 million for that.

  2. Todd Juvinall says:

    Hisstrategy is different than what you are used to. Jeb spent 100 million just in New Hampshire if I recall.

    • Trump is shaking up his campaign staff again,but there’s no point in rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic because the Donald said he won’t change the campaign style that has put him behind.

      Hillary should say a prayer to the Republican Party every night for delivering Trump as her opponent.

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      Happens to all campaigns. What the big deal?

    • It’s a “big deal” when you change campaign managers twice in 8 weeks.

  3. It looks like a money maker to me. According to federal records, 20 percent of the money the Trump campaign spends is paid to Trump businesses.

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