Jeff Gale, welcome to our little corner of Paradise!

Folks in our little corner of Paradise are proud of their friendly, welcoming approach to newcomers, and this is largely true. But as relative newcomer Jeff Gale discovered over the weekend, this Paradise also has a viper pit known as Sierra Foothills Report.


Jeff Gale: Be on the look-out for…

Gale was responding to a post on the blog, “Why more people don’t run for local political office,” and detected a note of hypocrisy in the comments of the author, Jeff  “Podunk” Pelline. (Gale is a quick learner.)

“I wouldn’t be throwing stones.  It appears to me that you have an obvious grudge against the Union and relish fanning the flames just as much–if not more–than the ‘good old boys’ you decry. Maybe the criticism is deserved, but it most certainly doesn’t contribute to anything productive. I think you should ponder your last statement about reaping and sowing just a little.”

Gale soon learned you don’t challenge the Lord High Executioner in his own domain. “I’m just holding up a mirror,” Podunk responded. But that was just a warm-up for what was to follow.

Next up was “brucelevy,” who many people think is one of Podunk’s sock puppets. He had a less than friendly greeting for Gale:

“As you are ‘newish’ here I’ll assume that you don’t know what you’re talking about, unless you have some connection to The Union that you are not mentioning. The Union is a bad joke,  and has been for at least 15 years. Maybe you should inform yourself before spouting off.”

Welcome to the community! (As an aside, “at least 15 years” includes Podunk’s tenure as editor of The Union. “brucelevy” is apparently a hard man to please.)

While  “brucelevy” was extending his warm welcome, Podunk launched his dragnet. He discovered that Gale is a graduate of the McGeorge School of Law, handles death penalty appeals, and has defended people charged with various cannabis crimes. (He apparently isn’t delinquent on his property taxes or Podunk would have mentioned that too.)

I won’t go into a dreary blow-by-blow of what followed, including some unsolicited advice about guns, but Podunk found fault with much of this, and even suggested a link between Gale’s defense of cannabis cases and The Union’s “promotion” of pot (don’t you love conspiracy theories?).

Gale finally had enough: “You’re an idiot!” To which Jeffy responded: “Is thst (sic) admissable (sic) in court? Lol.” He even professed to being offended: “Jeff Gale is  criticizing a lifelong journalist for criticizing podunk journalism. I’m offended based on my experience.”

He shouldn’t be offended. Podunk hasn’t worked in journalism since he left The Union almost eight years, and nobody appointed him cheap shot critic of The Union. But Gale has learned a valuable lesson: Podunk cited “personal attacks, whisper campaigns” as reasons people don’t run for office, and Gale now has a personal example of how it works around here.

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22 Responses to Jeff Gale, welcome to our little corner of Paradise!

  1. RL Crabb says:

    What is it about guys named Jeff that gets the locals so riled up?

  2. Podunk can’t help himself–he just has to twist what I write. I never “suggested” “brucelevy” is one of his sock puppets; I just reported many people think he’s a sock puppet. That’s a distinction a professional journalist would recognize. Of course, Podunk hasn’t worked in journalism for almost eight years.

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      But that is what a “yellow” journalist does. Pelline is yellow. And I love that picture. Bruce Levy is a troll and he only shows up on Pelline’s rag. Therefore it is easy to assume he is a Pelline sock puppet. And his nastiness is pure Pelline. So now Mr. Gale gets the treatment and Pelline wonders why no good people run? We end up with non elections of chemtrail believers.

  3. I seem to have struck a nerve with Podunk and his bosom buddy Brucie. I hope Podunk took his blood pressure meds because I’m sure he’s been spiking all day.

    As long as we have your attention Brucie, you should clarify if Podunk helped perpetuate the bad joke that is The Union during his editorship. Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. I deleted a comment from “brucelevy” because of the swear words; I expect better from a guy who thinks he’s the smartest person in the room.

    I’m still waiting for an answer to my question: Did Podunk contribute to the joke that is The Union during his tenure as editor?

  5. Bill Tozer says:

    I was wondering why the wooden sidewalks in Nevada City are no more. Thanks for including the pic with the handy fireplug nearby to unravel the mystery.

  6. fish says:

    Chip Wilder dares step off the reservation as well…..

    Chip Wilder says:

    September 3, 2016 at 6:52 am

    I’ll keep stumbling through the box store with semi helpful staff in Auburn. To save 50% on almost everything they sell in the hardware section at Hills or BandC. 50% to 100% markup is what we pay in this county on simple nuts and bolts. Till Home Depot came along we were at the mercy of small lumber stores. Grass Valley and Nevada City are still paying for the past with these “convenience hardware stores” —- like a 7/11— to gouge you conveniently with helpful staff. Do a price check and get back to me, It’s astounding. Quack about driving to Auburn? Save your trip down the hill till your going to Traders for their delicious/ nutritious food and get your hardware so cheap you’ll save on gas-.

    Chip…..jeffy doesn’t take kindly to having his beliefs challenged. If you don’t want to find your sock puppet ass forever consigned to the outer realm you’ll immediately stop suggesting that people leave Nevada City for the consumer goods they need.

    So lit it be written, so let it be done!

  7. Barry Pruett says:

    I can assure to you that Bruce is real. I known who he is for nearly 20 years. As far as Pelline? Yesterday’s lettuce my friends. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

    • I never said Levy didn’t exist–I just reported what some other people are saying. You would think an alleged former professional journalist would know how to separate the message from the messenger.

  8. fish says:

    Oh my….looks like someone is disappointed in his neighbors again……

    Welcome to western Nevada County Hollie! Welcome to your readership!

    The real significance is that a U.S. President visited Lake Tahoe for the first time since Bill Clinton in 1977, putting our region in the national spotlight.

    And two months earlier, the same U.S. President visited Yosemite to mark the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. It was the first presidential visit since John F. Kennedy in 1962. With Yosemite falls in the background, President Obama declared: “Just look at the scene … You’ve got to come here and breathe it in for yourself.”

    The reaction that Hollie points to is further proof that “people in (her) immediate circle” can’t see past partisan politics. It’s what makes us look so small. And it’s why we burn instead of build bridges with the rest of California.

    I too remember the halcyon days of the first Ford errr……Clinton administration!

    Ah Podunk…’ve done it again!

    • I guess Podunk missed–or more likely, chose to ignore–the letter to the editor in the same edition from Jodi McDonald of Grass Valley, who wrote about passersby yelling obscenities at a group of people who were peacefully promoting Trump’s candidacy. This place has plenty of wingnuts on both sides of the political divide, visible to anybody who doesn’t wear blinders.

  9. fish says:

    Ahhhh, bummer….”1977″ Memory Holed!

  10. fish says:

    Lets wallow in logical fallacies shall we?

    jeffpelline says:

    September 10, 2016 at 10:41 am

    BTW, this editorial paints with too broad a brush. It points to a simplistic thesis: change vs. no change. No, it’s not that simple. Some change moves us forward, some doesn’t. It’s obvious we can’t count on The Union for leadership. It prints its newspaper in Sacramento.

    Funny…..jeffy loves to point out how “the Old Fey Lady” does it…..but they don’t print the Times in Nevada City. It still enjoys a degree of trust from “The Bringer of Coffee” though. I guess in order to have any leadership street cred a newspaper must be printed immediately next to where it will be distributed.


    • Maybe Podunk would be happier if The Union emulated The San Francisco Chronicle, which sold its printing operation and then hired the new owner to print the paper. In other words, The Chronicle doesn’t print its own paper either. LOL, as they say.

  11. Todd Juvinall says:

    Am I moderated off?

    • No, but I don’t automatically publish every comment I get, particularly if you keep repeating yourself. Write something interesting and I’l publish it.

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      I like your porn here. Anyway, have you discovered what Senum did with that $30,000 she took in for her dogsled adventure? She was going to do a movie or some such.

    • Todd, I’m not going to publish your comment on the column I wrote for the Monday edition of The Union because it wasn’t published here and some readers of this blog don’t read The Union. If you want to comment on the column, go to

  12. Now Podunk’s trashing his buddies at The Sacramento Bee for the job they do printing The Union. He better be careful because they might stop picking up his self-serving puff pieces.

  13. Podunk wants you to be impressed because he got an invitation to tour The Sacramento Bee’s newsroom. I got the same invitation, at least the third time they’ve given be the opportunity. Aren’t you impressed?

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