Trump shows he’s a first-class sumbag

As is his custom, Donald Trump keeps digging a deeper hole by repeatedly claiming his lewd tape is “just locker room talk.” One of his dutiful sons claimed yesterday that this is what happens when two alpha males get together.

I’ll let you decide if Billy Bush is an alpha male while I object to Trump’s claim that his crude remarks are just typical locker room banter. If they are, I’ve led a sheltered life.

I played four years of sports in high school, spent two years in the Army, and I’ve been a regular at gyms for over 40 years, putting me in thousands of locker room settings. I’ve heard plenty of sexist jokes and crude comments during that time, but I have yet to encounter anybody who bragged about sexual assault.

Do I think such conversations never take place? Of course not. But anybody who thinks they are commonplace is clueless.

But as the father of a daughter, I really object to a conversation he had with shock jock Howard Stern in 2004 that surfaced about the same time as the tape that’s getting all of the media attention. The subject was Trump’s daughter Ivanka, then 23.

Trump agreed with Stern that she was “voluptuous” and said it was okay for Stern to refer to her as a “piece of ass.” Only a first-class sumbag would find such talk  about his daughter acceptable.

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