Just like clock work, there’s another ballot screw-up

Just as we’ve come to expect, there’s a screw-up in the ballots mailed to Nevada County voters for the November 8 election.


Count the pages

This time, some vote-by-mail ballots are missing a page, apparently the page listing nine of the 17 state propositions and three local measures being decided this year. “The page just didn’t get stuffed in the ballot” by the printer, explained Sandy Sjoberg, assistant county clerk-recorder/registrar of voters.

As usual, Sjoberg got to deliver the bad news while her boss, county Clerk-Recorder Gregory Diaz, was nowhere to be found. And to think he just recently reassured local voters that the election will be honest and the results legitimate.  Just make sure you have a complete ballot.

This follows a recurring pattern. In May, Sjoberg announced ballots would be mailed a week late because the printer was late getting them validated, and then again two years ago when a printing error delayed their mailing.

We seem to have an ongoing problem selecting vendors and then managing their work. No wonder there are rumors Lorraine Jewett may be gearing up for another run for her old office.

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